The Goat Man of Hollywood Blvd. (Vintage Crazies of the 70’s)

When I was young, I would love hearing wacky stories from my Dads friends about their jobs.  One such story involved “Lt. Dan”, a police friend of my das who has since passed away.  Back in the day, he worked homicide in Hollyweird and now I understand how Hollywood got that nickname.  He told me about… The Goat Man.

It was nearly 40 years ago when the streets of Hollywood knew a certain crazy the local PD nicknamed “The Goat Man”.  Why?  Picture this:  A bat shit crazy bald, shirtless, barefoot guy, wearing purple pantaloons, looking like a cross between Yul Brynner in The King & I, Mr. Clean and Skippy the Circus Geek, pushing a shopping cart down Hollywood Blvd that contained… a dead goat.

A short history is needed here.  Back in the day when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, he past a budget cutting law that closed many of the asylums and released the crazies onto the streets.  A great many of them went to Hollywood.  The Goat Man is a classic example of the “non-aggressive” (at least to people) crazies that Lt. Dan had to deal with.

Since they could not prove that he killed the goat, there was nothing they could do.  A few weeks later they found him raving on a street corner, carrying a dead dog in a suitcase.  Again, there was no proof that he killed the dog.

The final straw – one day Lt. Dan and his partner witnessed the goat man, run into the street, grab a cat and try to strangle it.  When they arrested him, he raved that the animals were really aliens and he was killing them so people might live.  Yeeaaahhhhhhhh, riiiiiiiiiight!

He was a freaky, crazy, homeless guy but maybe he was right.  MAYBE they were aliens, like in Man in Black, and we just think he is crazy.  Maybe evil aliens in the form of dogs & cats with their goat commanders are plotting to take over the Earth and make us their slaves or maybe the guy is just a bug shit crazy guy that was kicked out of his nice asylum and onto the streets to live with the voices in his head.

Either way, those Hollyweird cops have some strange experiences.  They deserve those donuts!

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