When Shaggy Boots Attack

On my last ill-fated trip to Walnut Creek I saw something strange, weird, bizarre.  Shaggy boots.  These seem to be a trend on skinny little stick girls:

Now I suppose if you weigh the same as a duck or go to Burning Man or swing on a pole, or swing on a pole at Burning Man, these are great.  Otherwise I just don’t get it.  I know that even Givenchy put these on the runway but does that mean we should?  God God that model looks like she stepped into a pair of beavers!

Also ladies it should be noted that if you weigh more than 110 pounds and face it, that is 90% of us, don’t wear these.  I saw this one gal wearing these and a black wooly sweater.  I could have swore Bigfoot was loose in Walnut Creek.  I think some tourists were even taking pictures.  Just don’t do it.  Hopefully these hairy boots will go the way of tube tops and paisley.  What?  Those are still around?  People that 70’s shit is UGLY!  PLEASE let it die along with the Bigfoot Boots.

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  1. “stepped into a beaver…” lol!!!!

  2. OMG, even People of the Park posted a picture about this serious issue – http://www.peopleofthepark.com/thepeople/2010/3/2/poor-poor-yeti.html

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