I Hate Blogspot Right Now

I have my Disney Blog over there:  http://myunauthorizedirreverentdisneydiary.blogspot.com/

I spent my morning writing the most amazing blog on the planet on the various versions of the Haunted Mansion all over the World.  I just finished a LONG bit on the original Mansion and wanted to delete a small paragraph.  I highlighted it but the sneaky mouse pad slipped UP.  I didn’t see it.  I deleted it and Poof – gone.

I have a Mac so Cnt-Z doesn’t work and by the time I was done messing with it, the sneaky Undo button I just found didn’t work either except to wipe out EVERYTHING!  Another click put me back at square one with my abbreviated version but I suppose it is better than nothing.

I have thrown things, stomped around, threatened to sniff glue, cried and everything else I can think of that would do a seven year old proud.

I know that writing is hard but should it be this hard!  It shouldn’t drive you to drink!  Oh wait, there was Hemingway and Tennessee Williams….  OK, where is the Bourbon?

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